About DocOnline

The doctors that work for General Practices via DocOnline all have extensive experience from primary care. They work part-time with DocOnline and part-time with face-to-face appointments at GP clinics and specialist clinics in the Hyderabad region, making them well-equipped to assess the symptoms we offer treatment for at DocOnline. All doctors have also been trained to provide the best possible care through video meetings on the platform.
Tele-health is a form of healthcare provision that has evolved over the past 40 years. Although the term is traditionally associated with telephone-based healthcare provision, technological advancements have enabled massive improvements to the service. By adding video, patients and doctors can meet “face-to-face” without being in the same room. This form of meeting maintains the important aspect of clear interpersonal communication in healthcare provision and allows for visually-informed diagnosis whilst expanding the flexibility of services through virtual meetings on DocOnline.


DocOnline can be used for ailments and symptoms that do not require a physical examination for diagnosis. Not all health problems are well-suited for diagnosis and treatment in a virtual setting, and it is therefore important that you consult the list of symptomsour doctors can help you with before booking an appointment.

For the symptoms that are represented in our list, however, our doctors provide the same healthcare services they would in a “normal” clinic. This means that, if your doctor deems it necessary, you will be given a prescription for medication or referral to a specialist.

DocOnline can be used by anyone above the age of 18 with a secure identification process. You can also book appointments on DocOnline on behalf of your child if they are below the age of 18.
No, DocOnline is not a suitable healthcare provider for medical problems that require emergency healthcare or a physical examination/tests to diagnose. Please consult our list of symptoms before booking an appointment to ensure that our doctors can help you with your concerns.

In case of emergency, call 911 and visit an emergency room.


We encourage you to ensure that DocOnline can offer the appropriate care for your particular concern prior to booking and paying for your appointment. You can do this by consulting our list of symptoms.
Yes. So long as you are able to login at a computer or other devise with good internet connection and a functioning camera, microphone and speaker, you can consult your doctor in India via DocOnline from anywhere in the world.
Yes. You book the appointment using your own login and select the option of making a booking on behalf of your child. If your child is over the age of 18, however, your child must login him/herself to book an appointment.
The doctor’s appointments last for 15 minutes, in line with national standards for primary care.


Meeting a doctor through a video meeting at DocOnline costs XYZ INR per month is you subscribe for our plan or XYZ INR for a single.
All information at DocOnline is heavily encrypted. Your identity is verified using secure login, and your doctor’s identity is verified using the SITHS-card (????).
All information concerning appointments and medical records is subject to strict confidentiality in accordance with national legal frameworks. Video meetings are not recorded and therefore not documented in any way aside from your updated medical chart as in an ordinary visit to a doctor.
As mentioned above, it is important that your symptoms can be adequately addressed in a virtual meeting. Please consult our list of symptoms to assess whether DocOnline is a good fit for your concerns. Once you have established that DocOnline can address your health problem, you need a computer or other devise with strong internet connection and a functioning camera, microphone and speaker. Additionally, when using DocOnline, your web browser must be either Firefox (v.35) or Chrome (v.34).

Prior to finalizing your booking and submitting your payment for the appointment at DocOnline you will be asked to take a functionality test to ensure that your technical equipment works.
Yes, you can use DocOnline on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Android device if you have downloaded our app from App Store/Google Play. You also need to update your iOS device to iOS 7 or higher. Android devices needs Android 4.4 (KitKat) or higher.
Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds for missed appointments.
Yes, your doctor will go through the symptom description and health declaration that you submitted at the time of your booking before your video meeting.
Yes, your medical records will be updated through the same procedure as during an ordinary medical visit.


As during any medical visit your physician will evaluate your condition and assess what the best treatment for you is. If your doctor deems that you are in need of medication you will be given an e-prescription that can be collected at any pharmacy in Sweden. DocOnline’s partner Apollo pharmacy also offers a home delivery service for your prescriptions.

Please note that the Doctors at DocOnline cannot prescribe medication that is classified as narcotic.
Yes. If your physician deems that you are in need of further care you will be referred to the relevant specialist.